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Welcome to the brand new page for my upcoming historical fiction book, “Duty and Inclination,” about the romantic relationship between Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens through the Revolutionary War. If you are here at the onset, you may have arrived because you have read some of this book-in-progress already. Perhaps you follow me on one of my social media pages and have been hearing about ‘this book’ and want to know more.

So what is the deal? Well, I will tell you.

I have been a writer of fanfiction for almost two decades now. The legitimacy of fanfiction or not is a topic for another blog entry. Suffice it to say right now, that is where I come from. Thus, this book started out as smaller stories in a fanfiction type world. I became a fan of the musical Hamilton and, as I have a background and interest in history, I needed to know more. In my researching, I discovered the historical basis, in the form of surviving letters, for the relationship between Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens. I read all the letters between the two men as well as various historians' opinions on just what their relationship might have been. I can say right here, I believe the two of them were romantically involved. I know the arguments for or against this and could have a very long discussion with anyhow who wishes on why I think as I do. Regardless of what you believe, historical queer relationships are a hot button of mine.

Queer historical stories need to be told so the queer people of today can see themselves in history which quite often prefers to ignore or erase them.

They help support the somehow surprising notion that queer people have existed prior to the modern era and, in fact, throughout history. Queer historical stories need to be told so the queer people of today can see themselves in history which quite often prefers to ignore or erase them.

My descent then began into the in-depth history of Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens, the world of the American Revolution, and, even more specifically, the aides-de-camp to General George Washington. I decided to write some ‘historical fanfiction’ and post them, as I had before, as fanfiction. Over time, what I thought would be stand-alone stories began to form into a series I titled simply, “The War.” It was not until at least a year into writing these that I realized that what I was writing was not really fanfiction. It was historical fiction.

I decided, after much worry and fear and continued writing, this series of connected stories could be made into one – into a book. Fiction books have been written about Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler’s relationship, why not Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens?

I have a lot of this book written but there is still more to go; not to mention, the gargantuan process of editing a book that has been written in an unconventional manner. I know this will make some of you that have been following this work a bit unhappy since updates online with new ‘chapters’ will cease. But I promise you, it will be a sacrifice on the way to a far better end result: A truly wonderful book.

So, follow along on my writing journey and find out here when you will be able to buy your own copy of “Duty and Inclination.”

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