The Charles Town Laurens home

I only have a short blog post for you today and this one concerns research. During my writing process, as many of you know, a lot of research is involved. I research a great deal about the personal histories of Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens as well as the other people involved in their lives. However, there is much more than that, research on the war itself, on aspects of daily life in the 18th century and locations.

One location we visit with John Laurens in this story is Charleston, known as Charles Town in his time. I have been to many of the locations in this book personally, however, at present Charleston is not one of them. So, I set about to use the powers of the library and research to learn more about Charleston and its 18th century past. In the process of this, I came upon a surprise gem in one book which I did not expect to find.

You can see here an image of the house of Henry Laurens within Charles Town. The family had a plantation called Mepkin as well, which I have also seen art of and read about. This was their 'family seat' and primary residence. However, I had not heard much, nor seen anything about a house in the city. Surprise! I found it in a book on Charleston houses, and a photo to boot!

Unfortunately, the house is no longer standing as I learned from this book as well.

The house "survived until 1916, when it was pulled down due to the adjacent railway." I am both pleased and saddened by this; pleased in that I was able to see a picture and learn a bit more about John Laurens' family and property; saddened because the house made it into the 20th century, which seems almost close enough to visit but also 100 years short.

Research on this project is a fun trip which bring out surprises like this one and for a history lover like me, they are always welcome!

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