New Deleted Scene and Updates

I realized just yesterday how very long it has been since I have posted an updated and I must apologize for that! I am sure you have all had different reactions to the social distancing measures around the world. Mine have been a mixed combination of productive and lethargy.

I finished my third edit of "Duty and Inclination." It is still a long book but I think it is a length now that I and my future readers can be happy with. I have sent out numerous more queries to agents but I am leaning more toward self publishing. I promised my self a year and a half ago that by the time I was 35 my book would be finished. I was helpfully vague on what I meant by 'finished.' Finished writing, yes! Finished as in published, well, not quite. But I am 35 now and that gives me a bit more of the motivation to see this story as a book, however the means.

For today, at least, I have a new deleted scene posted for you:

First Dinner: this is just a small scene which I removed from the first chapter but it still a nice moment of some of our aides getting to know each other for the first time

For those of you that follow my Facebook or other social media pages, you may have also seen I posted up two old chapters of the book. These were chapters that were removed as soon as I decided to make the former series into an actual book. Both are basically stand alone short stories that added no progressive plot to the book but are still fun times. So if you haven't seen those yet, check them out too!

Sewing Lesson: Alexander Hamilton helps a woefully incompetent John Laurens with sewing his breeches.

Ball Game: General Washington orders his aides-de-camp to take a break from work and instead enjoy a game of catch.

I hope one or all of these pieces will bring some light to your day in changed sort of world.

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