Hamilton, Meet Kinloch

So, like some writers, I believe, even in writing my own work I think of side plots or scenes that would not fit or, in this case, would never actually happen in the events of the main story. This might be from my fanfiction background, a medium grounded in exactly that 'what if' space based around other works. I am always thinking of the cracks, the spaces between bigger scenes, those events we do not get to see. What if we saw them? Or what if something entirely different happened? I do this within in my own writing too. Sometimes I cannot help but indulge in my own flights of fancy to follow that thought line, 'what if this...' They are things which are 'not canon' and would never make it to the book. But sometimes you have to get those plots out or they just will not leave your head.

Back in February, this happened to me. I got it into my head, what if Hamilton and Kinloch (a past friend and possible lover of John Laurens) met? Worse still, I knew a perfect time when it may have actually been possible with both men historically being in the same town; Philadelphia, fall 1780. And with that thought whirling in my head, I had to write it out. I knew it would be a soap opera, love triangle affair, but not everything written in this world needs to be a meaningful epic. Sometimes things can just be fun and this was very much so to me. I love writing a good argument and what better than a meeting like this?

So, since so many of my readers were with me before 'The Book' and are forced to wait now, I thought it safe enough to post this little story for some enjoyment. With all the trouble in the world it is nice to escape, so I offer this as an escape to 1780 and three men together in a historic soap opera of 'what if.'

Hamilton, Meet Kinloch

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