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I have not put up a blog post in a long time for which I must apologize. Most of this is due to having little to report! I am in the process of sending queries to potential agents. This is the traditional publishing route. I wanted to try this first as any acceptance from an agent and subsequent sale to a publisher would gain my book winder promotion and sale. If that does not work there is still self publishing and I know the people that have followed me and this story's progress will get the book they deserve!

However, since I have nothing else to report, I thought I would share some fun facts I have learned in the course of my researching over the years for this book.

First, for John Laurens: On his crossing to France to become a special minister, his boat hit an iceberg. Fortunately, the boat did not sink. His friend Thomas Paine was on board for the initial crossing and ended up sailing back with Laurens at Laurens' insistence that he did not wish to travel alone. On the return trip, Laurens asked Paine to pick up a pair of shoes for him once in Boston. However, Laurens did not give Paine money for the shoes so Paine was forced to purchase them himself!

For Alexander Hamilton: He was once sent an apple from his friend James Duane in order to give it to General Washington. Supposedly this was a very special type of apple. However, Hamilton lost it before he could give it to the General. Tilghman and Meade found out about all this and tried to convince Hamilton it wasn't anything special but just a crab apple.

And the most random, William Jackson, who was captured with Laurens' in Charleston and become Laurens' secretary in France. Laurens sent Jackson to The Netherlands to organize the supplies for their return trip to American. In The Netherlands Jackson somehow became acquainted with John Adams. Then when the boat with the promised money from France and the Netherlands, Jackson was entrusted with the supervision of John Adams' son Charles Adams.

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