Duty and Inclination publish date

As you may have seen a week ago, I posted about my progress with self-publishing. Well, I am happy to announce that I have a publish date ready. So mark your calendars, July 2nd, 2020 Duty and Inclination will be released for purchase!

The book we be available in e-book form as well as paperback. I will be posting a link here as well as on my social media accounts. July 2nd has been argued by some historians as the more correct day, historically, for the signing of the declaration of independence. Seems like a perfect day for this finished book to see the light of day!

In case you are new or just ready to get hyped, take a look at the book below.

During the height of the American Revolution, young men Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens meet in the service of General George Washington. The two men become aides-de-camp, working alongside General Washington and his staff to manage the correspondence, intelligence and secrets needed to propel a ragtag army through a war with the greatest power on Earth.

Hamilton and Laurens quickly form a friendship, sharing similar ideas against slavery and a desire for glory on the battlefield. Yet they soon discover a passion for each other beyond their paperwork and swords. But when the war calls Laurens south and Hamilton learns of a wife left in England, the differing priorities and values between the two men begin to reveal themselves causing both to question what their love and future can be.

Based on true events and personal letters, Duty and Inclination follows the romantic relationship between two men, during one of the pivotal moments in American history, who will leave their mark on their future country and on each other.

I had a lot of doubts over the process of writing this book. Was my writing good enough? Would people still be interested? Is this book way too long? Am I rushing into things with self publishing? Wait, what cover should I use???

Then I remembered one thing: I know the people who are interested in this book, the people who commented when it was still just a series on the internet, the people I have met, the people who told me how this work brought them together, the people who have sent me messages even now more than a year later with excitement and encouragement. You are the people this book is for. I don't need this book to be a top 10 best seller; I don't need it to be perfect, because the men it is about were not perfect, nor was their revolution. But it is a story to share, a story to shed a light on hidden history within well known events. It is a book I want to have in my hands and since I wrote it, why not do it now?

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