Deleted Scenes

Hello my history fans.

I have not been very good about posting to my blog here. You can blame regular life and a 9-5 job. However, I have found some time to post up some deleted scenes over the past few months and if you have not seen those updates, you should go check them out!

Here is a bit more 'behind the scenes' about these cut scenes below.

Forgetful Hamilton - A small fun bit of Hamilton which actually relates to a real historical incident when Hamilton returned from an evening with Elizabeth Schuyler and her family and forgot the password to get back into camp.

Laurenses Arguments - This is an argument from when General Washington and his office spent a month in Philadelphia and, historically at least, General Washington houses with Henry Laurens. The argument here is more of Henry badgering Laurens about his wife and being concerned about his son. I had a lot of Henry in this Philadelphia chapter that was eating up time, so this argument had to be cut even though I really enjoyed it.

Williamsburg Geography - The scene is only a small one, just a bit of Hamilton having fun with Laurens and was put in more because of my own knowledge of walking around Williamsburg.

Cold relations - The most recent (today!) added cut scene is from when Hamilton and Laurens are fighting about the fact that Hamilton has gotten married. Laurens will be leaving soon to France and he is not letting Hamilton off easy. Plus there are some other aides and Lafayette here. It was a nice scene but something that could be shaved off in favor of less length to this already epic story.


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