Chapter 1

So, I recently went to a convention in New Jersey with my partner. He was selling some bags he makes in the artist alley and I came to help. As a last minute inspiration, I thought to add to his table a promotional portion of my future book for sale to increase interest.

To be fair, this was an anime convention so not my book's target interest area. Thus, I have some left. Now, this is just the first chapter of the book, not a beautiful real 'book' like I hope to have for this story one day. It is just a sample. But, as I have some left, I thought it would be nice to offer these for sale for anyone who might want one.

I am asking $8 per 'book,' which is just pretty much production cost and shipping. Regardless, I would love for any of these to go to a good home and maybe one day they will be collectors items if I should be so lucky with my final books sales.

PS, these will be signed!

If you are interested, send me an e-mail:

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