Book Progress

Just a short blog update this Sunday.

Like I assume many of you, I have been turning my focus over the last few weeks to doing my part to be an active ally to the black community. I am sure many of you have seen the quote about the need to be anti-racist more than simply against racism in our current society. There is much that can be done to simply educate ourselves, to give our money and our time when needed.

However, with all of this and it being Pride month, I have still found time to work on the book. I had mentioned before about the options between traditional publishing and self-publishing. For myself and 'Duty and Inclination,' I am now firmly on the self-publishing route. There is still work ahead to get the e-book and paper back versions set up and ready for publishing but I am on my way. As might be expected, I am working with Amazon's self publishing platform.

Now, this is not official as who knows how it will work out, but my hope is to have the book ready for sale in early July! Fingers crossed.

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