A Philadelphia Christmas

What with a pandemic facing the world, many people in dire states, being stuck social distancing or just a bit unhappy, I wanted to do a little something to shine a light.

I know many people that were/are fans of 'The War' were sad to see it removed from the internet what with my path to making it a book. So I decided to post a rather large section which I had to remove due to time and over all story. It probably won't stay up forever but for now, I hope it distracts and entertains you for at least a short time!

A Philadelphia Christmas

General George Washington's office spends the Christmas of 1779 at the house of Joseph Reed as well as John Laurens' father, facing debates, criticism and affection between two aides-de-camp.

(I put this one up on my fanfiction page as the story is too long for the 'deleted scenes' on the site here. Enjoy!)

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